Copyright Natasha Rijkhoff 2019

Works and actions

Habitatsituatie site specific performative installation in varios media (plaster, wood, acrylic) (2019)

An invitation baked and glazed ceramic objects, fibreglass tubs, water, rubber hose, water pumps, plasticine, fruit (2019)

Fountain works 1 water and ceramic objects (2019)

Aria sound and light performance sung and performed by Fee Suzanne de Ruiter (2018)

Shaloun performances (Prague, CZ) photographs (2018)

Building sandcastles in city streets, series (In collaboration with Caroline Straver) filmed action (2017)

159,7 km walk (from Rotterdam to London) film stills to 60 postcards (2017)

Spanish eyes film (2017)

Fortune cookie performance with 35 fortune cookies with cut-out extracts from Het leven is vurrukkulluk by Remco Campert (2017)

Building up a pillar and taking it down again 64 piled bricks (2017)

Flyawaywithme film (2017)

Cycling circles in the sea, series filmed action (2017)

Walk sunrise to sunset (Rotterdam/Hong Kong) (In collaboration with Andrea Ball)film stills (2017)

Smashing plates on a rooftop in Rotterdam filmed action (2017)

Walk from Rotterdam to Stroom, The Hague, booklet (2017)

Digging holes series of dug holes over the course of several months, filmed action (2017)

30 hours in a monastery writing 10.000 words 34 A3 papers in wooden box (64 x 86 x 8 cm) (2016)